Embedded Solar Road Stud

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Body material : Cast Aluminum
Power supply: 5V/60mAh Mono crystalline silicon
Battery: Lithium battery3.2V/1000MAH
LED: 3pcs/side φ5mm super brightness LED
LED Color: White Green Red Yellow Blue
Flashing model:  flashing  or constant
Working hours: 180 hrs for flashing modes,40hrs for steady modes
Visual distance: 1000m(approx)
Waterproof: IP68
Load capacity >40T(can be installed in the middle of road)
Size: φ125*50mm   (φ4.92″*1.97″)
Package:  1pcs/box; 30pcs/ctn; weight: 30kgs; Carton size: 67.5*28*20cm
(1pcs/box; 30pcs/ctn; weight: 66.14bs; Carton size: 26.57″*11.02″*7.87″)
Life span: 3-5 years
Working Temperature -25 °C~ + 75°C
waterproof IP68

Agamero Embedded Solar Road Stud

The Agamero Embedded Solar Road Stud is a top of the line road safety product that is designed to withstand heavy loads and provide high visibility to drivers. Here are some additional features and benefits of this amazing product:

  • The use of aluminum alloy material ensures that the pavement marker can withstand loads of up to 40T, making it suitable for installation in the middle of busy roads.
  • The USA brand flexible solar panel is highly efficient in converting and storing solar energy, ensuring that the pavement marker can remain illuminated for extended periods of time.
  • The PC cover is designed to be highly transparent, allowing the light emitted by the bullet LED to be clearly visible to drivers.
  • The program PCB has high stability, ensuring that the pavement marker remains functional and reliable under varying weather conditions.
  • The bullet LED is incredibly bright, making it easy for drivers to spot the pavement marker from a distance.
  • The Agamero Solar Pavement Marker is available for OEM/ODM orders, allowing customers to customize the product according to their specific needs.
Installation Guide for Embedded Solar Road Stud:

Follow these steps to properly install your solar road stud lights:

  • Begin by carefully marking the distance between each placement of the solar road stud lights.
  • To prevent damage to the ground, use a proper tool such as a Core Drill and drill a 127mm hole with a depth of 45mm.
  • Remove any debris from the installation hole.
  • Pour epoxy into the holes according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Verify that the installation hole is straight and large enough to allow the epoxy to surround the solar led road stud shaft.
  • Set the lighting surface of the solar road stud to the desired viewing angle and ensure that the epoxy is evenly adhering to the installation hole and solar marker shaft.
  • After curing the LED solar road stud for 6-8 hours, remove the installation of the isolation facility.

Recommended Spacing for Solar Road Studs:

To ensure optimal effectiveness, it’s recommended to space the solar road studs according to the following guidelines:

  • Highways and expressways: 7-8 yards (5-6 meters)
  • Dangerous entrances and exits: 4-5 yards (2-3 meters)
  • Access or exit ways for hospitals, parking lots, etc.: 0.5-3 yards (0.5-2 meters)

Note that the spacing between each solar stud may vary according to your specific application requirements. The above values are provided for reference only.


Agamero’s Solar-Powered LED Cat Eyes: Ideal for Various Public Places
Agamero Solar-Powered Embedded LED Cat Eyes are perfect for a variety of public settings, including motorways, urban roads, parking lots, and more. Below are some examples of how our clients have used them as a reference.


Product Characteristics:

Here are the key features of this product:

  • Made of aluminum alloy, with a load capacity of over 40T, making it suitable for installation in the middle of the road.
  • Utilizes flexible solar panels from a reputable brand in the USA, with high conversion and charging efficiency.
  • Features a high-transparency PC cover.
  • The program PCB ensures high stability.
  • Equipped with high-brightness bullet LED.
  • We accept OEM/ODM orders to meet your specific needs.


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