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Product Name solar road stud AG-B6-TC
Body material Hi-pressure Casting Aluminium alloy
Power supply Mono crystalline solar panel 2.5V/0.25W
Battery NI-MH 1.2V/ 600mah or Lithium battery (high temperature resistance);
LED Ultra bright diameter 5mm 6pcs
LED color Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White
working mode Recharging at day and working automatically at night
Working hours (1).Blinking:140hours for NI-MH battery;
(2).Constant:40hours for NI-MH battery;
Life span 2years for NI-MH battery;
Visual distance >800m
Water proof IP68
Resistance >20T
Size L114*W129*H23mm/122*104*23mm+53mm
Package: 2pc/box;60pcs/ctn
Carton Size:  Without shank: 2pcs/box; 60pcs/ctn; Weight: 21kgs; Carton size:58.5*24.5*18.5cm
(2pcs/box; 60pcs/ctn; Weight: 46.30bs; Carton size:23.03″*9.65″*7.28″)
With shank: 1pcs/box; 45pcs/ctn; Weight: 18.5kgs;  carton size: 56.5*34.8*23.6cm
(1pcs/box; 45pcs/ctn; Weight: 40.79bs; Carton size:22.24″*13.70″*9.29″)
Certificate CE;ROHS;IP68


A Solution to Road Accidents and Increased Environmental Impact”

AGAMERO Solar Powered Road Stud Lights, also known as solar cat eyes, are a great way to reduce accidents at regional rail crossings and intersections, and provide guidance and hazard warnings to drivers in darkness and bad weather conditions.

The solar system of these road studs is conducive to reducing environmental impact and saving costs. With over five years of factory experience, AGAMERO’s solar road stud light offers more choices to the global traffic road safety market, making it a trustworthy partner all over the world.

Working Principle of AGAMERO Solar LED Road Stud:

The solar panels of AGAMERO solar road stud lights absorb sunlight and convert solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in energy storage devices such as batteries or capacitors. When night falls or with the onset of inclement weather, the electrical energy in the energy storage devices is automatically converted into light energy, which is controlled by photoelectric switches and emitted by LEDs.

The bright flashing LEDs are highly effective at getting the attention of drivers much earlier than conventional road studs.

Installation Method of Raised AGAMERO Solar Road Stud:

The installation process of raised solar road studs involves determining the installation location and distance, cleaning the road surface, and ensuring that the solar road studs are installed on a flat road surface.

The bottom of the solar road stud is cleaned and evenly applied with epoxy glue to the back of the studs. The side with the glue is then pressed onto the road, and the position is fixed until the glue dries. Within 2 hours of installation, it’s important to check that all studs are not installed incorrectly and are not bent or deformed due to compression. Within 6-8 hours after the installation of the solar road studs, the installation isolation facility should be removed.

The recommended spacing between each AGAMERO solar road stud is as follows:

  1. Highways and Expressways: 7 – 8 yards (5 – 6 meters)
  2. Dangerous Entrances and Exits: 4 – 5 yards (2 – 3 meters)
  3. Access or Exit ways for Hospitals, Parking Lots, etc.: 0.5 – 3 yards (0.5 – 2 meters)

The spacing between each solar stud should be according to your actual application requirements. The above values are for reference only.


The solar studs light can be used in Urban roads, parking lots, gardens, road sides, and other public places; it is suitable for the edge line of the road and pavement.


  • Super power capacity and longer life (more than 10 years).
  • Working model: Recharging during the day and working automatically.
  • Working period: Full recharging for 180 hours for flashing, 40 hours for steady in fog or rainy days.
  • Accept OEM/ODM.

These characteristics make AG-B6-TC solar road studs a reliable and effective option for road safety.


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