Solar Branch Road Boards

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Material: Aluminium&Galvanized sheet
Reflective film: 3M Engineering grade or 3M diamond grade
Solar panel: 15V/8W or custom
Battery: 12V/8Ah or custom
Voltage: DC 12V or DC 11.1V
Leds distance: <4.5CM
Led color: Red, Yellow or White
Flashing frequency: 50±2/min
Visual distance: >800m
Working in rainy days: 360H
Size: 600mm /800mm /1000mm or Custom

Agamero : Solar Branch Road Boards

Agamero is a leading supplier of Solar Branch Road Boards, providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for traffic management.

Safety For All :

  • Agamero Solar speed sign boards are ideal for displaying speed signs on roads even at night. Now no excuses for motorist that the speed signs are not visible at night , where there is no electricity supply
  • it can be installed in remote or hard-to-reach areas, which makes them ideal for construction sites, mining operations, other industrial settings.


High brightness.

The brightness of Solar Branch Road Boards  can be up to 2000MCD, which can penetrate fog to guide the drivers and pedestrians effectively.

Another significant advantage of Solar Speed Sign Boards is their flexibility and versatility.

Energy saving.

The use of solar-powered systems has revolutionized the way we approach traffic management, reducing the environmental impact and energy costs of traditional systems.

The Solar Branch Road Boards absorb solar energy, which is transformed into electrical energy and stored in the battery in daytime, and blinking or lighting constantly at night. These traffic signs, which can be recycled and reused, are environmentally friendly and energy saving.

Visual Acuity

The visual distance of ordinary traffic signs are only 100 meters or more, while that of Solar Branch Road Boards are over 800 meters, 8 or more times of the former, which can let the drivers or pedestrians know the road condition in advance.

Furthermore, Solar Branch Road Boards are highly customizable, allowing users to tailor their settings and functions according to specific traffic needs.

Key Features of Agamero Solar Branch Road Sign Boards:

  • Utilizes solar energy for long-lasting performance, with a working time of over 360 hours when fully charged.
  • Features a solar panel on the top of the board to efficiently absorb solar energy.
  • Made with an integrated circuit and thermo-stable rechargeable batteries that ensure a long service life and optimal performance.
  • Available in different sizes to meet clients’ specific needs.
  • Automatically emits light, rather than reflecting the light from other sources.
  • Constructed with durable aluminum and galvanized sheet materials.
  • Provides a long visual distance, which is 8 times more than that of ordinary traffic signs.
  • Offers customized services according to customers’ requirements.
  • Operates using solar energy, thus reducing energy consumption.

At Agamero, we also offer customized services to meet the unique requirements of our customers. In addition, our sign boards use solar energy, which lowers consumption and makes them an environmentally friendly option. Choose Agamero for high-quality solar speed sign boards that provide superior visibility, reliability, and safety.


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